First calligraphy of the year

Kakizome is the first day of the year when people write or draw with a brush.
In the lunar calendar era, it was held on the second day of the New Year, i.e., January 2nd of the lunar calendar, but nowadays it is held on January 2nd of the new calendar.

Originally, it was a ritual held at the imperial court, where the first well water drawn at the beginning of the year (Wakamizu) was offered to the kamis, and the custom was to use the Wakamizu to grind ink and write poems in the direction of blessings.
After the Edo period (1603-1868), it became an event to do calligraphy (calligraphy) on the auspicious New Year’s day, and spread to the general public.

It also has the meaning of renewing one’s actions by writing congratulatory words, poems, goals and aspirations for the year.

The writings at the beginning of the year are burned in the “Dondoyaki” ceremony.
It is said that if the flame rises high enough, one’s writing will improve.


Calligraphy is a way of enriching the mind and expressing the beauty of individuality.
It is a way of human cultivation, so why not create opportunities to experience it?