Shintoism was established by the Japanese lifestyle.
The closest expression to Shintoism would be animism.

There is the way of thinking that all existing have souls, we say this “Yaoyorozu (several millions of)-gods”.
“Yaoyorozu” is equal meaning as “extremely many, close to infinite numbers”.

In Japan, a store that mainly sells vegetables and fruits is called a “Yaoya”.
A “Yaoya” can mean “a store that deals in a lot of things”.

There is coming into people’s lives, what including were growing with sagacity and sense of value on the lifestyle of Japanese from the ancient era, that is to say, “Shintoism”.


For example, our staple food is rice, we say them “Go-han” eaten from within a bowl.
We are thinking, “end of the eating it, you have to eat everything even one grain of rice in your bowl. If not, it is rude to rice”.
We following this sense of value and tell as politeness and manners necessary for life.
We convey to the next generation that “even if it is a small thing, we do politely”.
It come to light even small things or slight, we have the thinking the meaning deeply and respect it.
It is important to pay attention to detail things because we are thinking “gods come to detail”.
People have “Rei-Setsu” naturally, to deal with one grain of rice.